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Wendy Keller is a book agent with Keller Media. View the complete profile for Wendy Keller in the official literary agent directory below. It has complete listings for all literary agency searches including Literary Agents Los Angeles and CA.

Wendy is an award-winning former journalist, a respected literary agent, an author, speaker and acclaimed book marketing consultant. She got her first job as a newspaper reporter as a 16 year old college freshman. Since then, Wendy worked for PR Newswire; the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain; as managing editor of Dateline magazine; and as associate publisher of Los Angeles’ then-second-largest Spanish language weekly, La Gaceta. She founded what is now Keller Media, Inc. as “ForthWrite Literary Agency” in 1989.

Today, after selling an astonishing ~1,500 rights deals worldwide, including 17 New York Times best sellers and 9 international best sellers, the agency Wendy founded is exceptionally focused on helping each author to do three things:

1. Maximize public awareness of the author and their book—before or after publication. In the industry, this is called a “platform.”

2. To find the best publisher possible for each author we represent. We seek an editor who aligns with their vision for the book.

3. To advise our authors on how to become a (more) renowned, recognized thought leader in their topic area, thus increasing profits for everyone.

These days, publishers demand authors who are effective, competent partners in the publishing process. That’s why we screen our potential clients so assiduously—we want them to have a growing platform, a big vision…and the moxie to achieve it. Keller Media helps our authors become highly successful by advising on cutting-edge marketing strategies, advanced book promotion practices, and the best known use of media, social media, and paid speaking. We know that a good book idea + intelligent marketing = a successful author.

Wendy Keller has personally taught +20,000 authors how to get published; and over 7,500 people how to get started as paid, professional speakers—a major method for selling lots of copies of your book. (Check out the “Resources” page so you can get access to her decades of publishing wisdom.)

Wendy was 26 when her own first book was published. Today, she is the author of 31 published books under 9 pseudonyms and 11 self-published books. She has been a featured guest on 53 television programs, including Dr Phil, Dateline NBC, CBS The Early Show, Hannity and Colmes, Crosstalk, Fox, ABC, and Politically Incorrect. She has been a guest on +500 radio shows, primarily in North America, and has been interviewed/quoted in The Chicago Tribune, New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, Playboy, The Scotsman, Maxim, Parenting, the Miami Herald and many more.

Wendy Keller is unique among agents because her perspective on publishing was shaped by her early work in the media. She believes that good books are about serving the audience what they want to read—and that it is the author’s solemn responsibility to get their message out in every way possible. As the publishing industry moves into this new era, Wendy is a prominent advocate for authors taking a vibrant, active role in the promotion of their own work. This helps Keller Media authors create maximum impact in the world and maximum profit from their content.

In her free time, Wendy rows on the marina near her home and enjoys hiking, luxury travel, languages, archaeological studies and of course, voracious reading. Parlo italiano e je parle français.

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