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Loren Grossman is a book agent with the Paul S. Levine Literary Agency. View the complete profile for Loren Grossman in the official literary agent directory below. It has complete listings for all literary agency searches including Literary Agents Los Angeles and CA.

Loren’s areas of literary interest:

Non-fiction: Archeology
Child Guidance/Parenting,
Coffee Table Books,
Law, Religion, Memoirs, Sociology

Birthplace and Hometown: Hollywood and Los Angeles CA

Education: Ed.D., University of Southern California; J.D., University of Memphis (TN);M.S., Health Science (Health Statistics and Research), California State University,Northridge; A.B., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

Previous professional experience: Educational Advocate (highly gifted and specialneeds); health/mental health information systems and statistical analysis andplanning

Dream retirement job: Artist

Passionate about: Art, architecture, and gardening

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